Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starbucks Ice Cream Deal

I saw this posted on SD...

There are various starbucks coupon out... both will come in handy so hopefully no one is left out. LOL (yup thank Fannie for the waist line)... LOL... Oh and the coupons have no size restriction just in case anyone is wondering! I just ordered some $1/1 to use. LOL... Thought portion control would be better for me instead of the $2/1 on the pints! LOL

Pint size are reported to be $2.50. So using the $2/1 coupon it will be $.50 a pint! Pretty cheap!

Wags 7/5-7/11
- Pints are on sale for $4.79 BOGO... So if you buy two and use $2/1 coupon it will be $.79 for two! Pretty cheap!

Safeway small cups are $1 and will stay on sale for a long time (dont know the end date just saw it on swy thread). Using the $1/1 coupons you get free small cups! :D The $2/1 will beep, the $1/1 will not beep.

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