Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swagbucks New User Code

Swagbucks contacted me again and gave me my own code again for new user registration. :D

If you are interested, the code is PHANSCODE (case sensitive) and it's good for 6 points. It will become active at 12:01am PST on TUESDAY 6/9, and expire the 16th at 11:59pm PST.

If you haven't signed up yet...this is a great time to boost your points when joining!!!! It's a great way to earn free giftcards. Us bargain girls have been doing this for a while. It only takes 45 points to get a $5 amazon giftcard. Use their search engine like any other search engine to gain points and in no time you'll have your first 45 points for a free giftcard!

They also told me that they will be running a bunch of swagcode hunts this week because they are launching new things.

here is a sneak peek at what they will be releasing this week.


Video Game Section Expansion: We will be adding 1000's of new and used titles to the video game section of the Swag Store, and offering a special sale on many of these titles!


Shop&Earn Favorites:
This great new feature gives you the ability to choose your 'Favorite' stores in our shop&earn mall, and receive updates on new coupons that originate from these retailers. So not only will you get Swag Bucks for your purchases, you will be notified immediately when a great deals becomes available!


Swagbucks.com 2.5 Launch:
Swagbucks.com 2.5 is the next evolution of the Swag Bucks homepage. It will feature a new cleaner look, with easier navigation & quick links and a few new special elements - we think its pretty snazzy :)

Swag Bucks Widget:
The ultimate referral / promotional tool. The widget will be 300px by 301px, and will feature a search box, prize images, swag code alerts, and a referral tab The widget allows you to generate referrals through the registration tab, and through those who do a search & win through the widget on your page. The widget is simple html code that you copy and paste on your blog or social network profile! If you ever wanted a search box that generates referrals on your blog, this is how you get it!

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