Friday, July 10, 2009

Airtran Free $25 Voucher - to/from FL only

thanks to sd...

AirTran $25 coupon for Florida travel thru Dec. 18th

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Link to coupon

Enter your email address to receive a $25 discount voucher good for travel to/from Florida. One email address per voucher.

You can also use these vouchers to buy seat assignments for Florida flights that have already been booked.

Fine Print:

Discount Rules and Restrictions: These special discounts must be booked on by Saturday, October 31, 2009, and are valid for travel on AirTran Airways flights to or from Florida destinations only through December 18, 2009. Discount must be redeemed at the original time of purchase. Limit one (1) discount per person. A $75 fee per person applies to any change made after purchase, plus any applicable increase in airfare. A first bag may be checked for a fee of up to $15 per person and a second bag may be checked for a fee of up to $25 per person. Reservations may be obtained or changed through an AirTran Airways Telephone Reservations Center for an additional $15 per person. Fares, routes and schedules are subject to change without notice.

On SD... Some were able to book two separate one way trips and was successful in applying the $25 coupon to each book flight.

Also if you already booked your flight, airtran will not reapply the $25 coupon but you can still use the $25 cpn to book seat arrangements. Tons have done that on SD already.

Then... I saw a post that someone bought tickets from ATL to Miami for Sept. 29 & 30 and the sale price of the tickets were $29 then they applied the $25 coupon and the flight was <$15 (taxes and other charges) for each way! CHEAP!

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