Friday, July 24, 2009

Cheap Artscow Photobooks!

Thanks to SD and BBC for the heads-up...

Cheap Artscow Photobooks...

The 20 and 30 page books are limit one each... The 40 page book is unlimited! :D Free shipping on all of them. Keep in mind that delivery on these books or anything from Artscow is super slow! So if you are in a rush, this is not for you! :D

I'm in the process of making a 40 page book so hopefully the coupon codes are all valid by the time I'm finished...

20-page $1.99
Coupon code: 7X5PBS199
Expires on: 8/16/2009

30-page $2.99
Coupon code: 7X5BK30P299
Expires on: 8/8/2009

40-page $4.99
Coupon code: 7X5BOOKS499
Expires on: 7/31/2009

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