Friday, August 21, 2009

Deal is dead... BabyAge - $4.95 stools! :D

Deal is dead...
Thanks to the girls on BBC for the promo code to use on Amazon BabyAge Store!

Save $40.00 when you spend $41.00 or more on Qualifying Items offered by BabyAge through Enter code LDAVISO3 at checkout.

Click here for the BabyAge Store.

There are tons of other stuff worth getting but I thought this was a really great deal!

The stools below will be $4.95 after promo code. Unfortunately you can only use the promo code once per account

So I got it for $4.95!!!

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Josh said...

These stools are great. I also want to get one for my kids. Unfortunately I do not have any discount codes.
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- Josh


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