Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DermStore - moneymaker on California Baby Sunscreen!

UPDATE: The 20% discount is dead... it's changed to 10%. The BING 30% ends tomorrow. Still a great deal!!! It'll be $1.22 for a bottle of sunscreen after all discounts.

Well it's a little bit of a moneymaker after rebate and Bing Cashback. LOL and it's only limit one per customer for the rebate...

So this is what you have to do...

Log into Bing Cashback and then navigate to DermStore. DermStore through Bing is now offering 30% cashback on all purchases!

So then after you click the DermStore link and they (BING) takes you to the website, search for the item you want. After you find the item you want, add it to your FAVORITES to get an additional 20% off.

So I added California Baby Sunscreen Fragrance Free to my favorites and the 20% off automatically shows up in my shopping cart.

If you navigate back to the page, it's offering Allure magazine for free or you can get a refund (form is included in this link) of the magazine which is $12!!!

So the math looks like this...

So $16.78 total - $5.03 (30% BING Cash back) - $12 Allure Magazine Rebate = -$.25!!!

A little moneymaker but a free product is AWESOME!!!!

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