Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - Short Sleeve Polo's for boys $2.49 when you add 2...

saw this on SD and thought it was a great deal!!!

Everything is OOS but you can still order it and they will fullfill the orders when they get stock back in. It's not a clearance item so it'll take about 30 days to get shipment.

The polo's are 2 for $15 but when you add two to your cart it will take it down to $2.49 each. :D

Then browse the clearance section and try to find something from there to order so you can get the $1.99 shipping (it's only valid with atleast one clearance item).

When checking out... right when you get to the credit card page at the top you will see the add promo code...

Add this promo code first 20PCTOFF

it'll take 20% off.

Then at the bottom of the page after applying the code you will see your 20% off...

Then click the promo code button again and add XHMM for $1.99 shipping for your entire order (it only applies if you have atleast 1 clearance item in your cart). Then click apply and it takes you back to the previous page... check to see if your $1.99 shipping is there... IT should take off the 20% code but then you'll re-add it in the next step...

Then click the promo code button again and re-add 20PCTOFF

Then when you are back to the credit card page, you should see both codes at the bottom! I just placed my order for 6 polos and 1 clearance shorts for DS1 for $18.xx shipped!

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