Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toysrus - Trio Deal

Thanks to my BBC girls for the heads up!

Toysrus is having a deal where you get $5 off automatically on any trio's you buy. If you combine that with the coupon below ($5 off any $10 trio), you can get some really cheap building blocks! :D

Not sure when the automatic $5 will stop but I'm assuming it would be at the end of the week.

Link to coupon
From what I heard you can print this coupon up to 10 times by hitting the refresh button after you print the first one.


Dancing Pen said...

I sure hope this works; I will head over there today! Is the Toysrus part of the deal on their website at all??

Fannie said...

No it's not on their website but was advertised in the store. I'm going to go over there today as well to see if I can find any signage about it. :D


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