Thursday, December 24, 2009

Banana Republic Factory Store - 15% printable

LOL for all last minute shoppers...

here's a printable for 15% off at Banana Republic Factory Store.

To make this deal even sweeter... Go to Old Navy and buy any denomination giftcard and get an automatic 20% off the giftcard (today is the last day to do this. Every ON is participating. You shouldnt have to print the GC coupon below but I guess you can take it with you just in case). Take the giftcard you just bought from ON to Banana Republic and use your giftcard there along with your 15% of printable below. :D Old Navy giftcards are redeemable at ON, Gap, Gap Kids, Gap Body, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime. :D

So for instance... you buy a $100 GC at ON. You end up paying $80 for that giftcard. Then you go to BR and buy $100 worth of clothes. You use your 15% off coupon. Your total is $85. Use your ON giftcard to pay. Now you have $100 worth of BR clothes and $15 left on your ON giftcard. But you only really paid $80 (cash you paid for your GC)-$15(amt left on GC) for everything! So actually after all the calculations you paid $65 for your $100 worth of clothing and have $15 left to use later!!

I hope that makes sense. My head is spinning today from a massive migrane.

Click here for direct link to BR printable.

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