Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giant MD/VA/DC - Free Barilla Pasta!

LOL... better than Safeway!

Thanks to Pearl2000 & Fitnessfan for posting the below...

Select Barilla pasta are on sale at Giant this week for $1. So after the $.50/1 cpns, it'll be free!!!

The following will be free...
Barilla Piccolini Pasta Farfalle Mini
Barilla Piccolini Pasta Fusilli Mini
Barilla Piccolini Pasta Wheels Mini

I heard the whole grain pasta will be free too. So keep your eyes out on that one as well. :D I couldnt find it online but thought I would throw it out there so you have another choice as well.

Safeway - Cheap Barrilla pasta

So I couldnt find the blinkie machines for free Ronzoni pasta but the deal below is better than nothing! LOL

Barrilla pasta will be on sale till May 10th.

The piccolini is on sale for $1.50 and the whole grain pasta is on sale for $1.75.

Using the $.50/1 barrilla piccolini or $.50/1 barrilla whole grain pasta cpn you will get cheap pasta. Factor in the 10% and it becomes a pretty good deal!

The insert coupons are from 03-29-09 SS and they expire April 30th...

Safeway - Cheap Planet Green Products

Bright Green Chlorine Free Bleach - 64 Fl. Oz. is on sale for $1.49 till May 31st.

In the store, there are these grocery tote displays for Bright Green and at the bottom of the display there usually are 5x5 pamphlets. Inside there is a $1/1 coupon good on any Bright Green product. Limit one per customer.

Using this coupon you can get $.49 or cheaper (if you have 10%) bleach.

or you can get cheap facial tissues too... :D they are $1.49, so $.49 after coupon...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walmart - Didj Gaming System $9.97 or less

I have to thank Veronica for this deal. She emailed me a week ago with the details but I had to promise not to share it with anyone till she was able to find what she needed in her area. LOL... So I'm posting it now...

At walmart the Didj gaming system (by Leapfrog) are on clearance for $29.97 or less (some are reporting find it for $15.97 etc)...

There is a coupon for $20 off from leapfrog. Click here for coupon. It's a Bricks coupon so you can only print 2 per computer. :D

With this coupon and a lot of good luck you can get the Didj for $9.97 or less after coupon. The gaming system is in the toy section where all the Leapfrog stuff are OR in the toy clearance section. Worth checking out. :D

Also... this is my personal experience from yesterday... One of my BFFs found the system for me at a walmart that was 45 miles away... so yup I packed all 3 kiddos up and drove to that walmart to buy it. Well when I checked out, the cashier said "NO" to my IP coupon. I asked why and they said they do not take IP's anymore. I said well this is not a posted policy and as far as I'm concerned Walmart still takes IPs. I asked to speak to a manager. Well the front end manager came and said they normal do not take ips and then took my ip and scanned it. It asked for a price and this is when he looked at it more carefully to realize it was a $20 coupon. He then immediately said "NO"... grrr... I immediately got the vibe that he said "NO" because it was a high value coupon... So I asked him why and went into my coupon mode saying this is not a posted policy. So FEM (front end mgr) got on his walkie and talked to another mgr... and they asked for the value of the coupon and he said $20 and they said "NO"... lol... not because it was an IP but because it was high value... so he turned to me and said that the store mgr said no. So I said... well can he come up here and explain to me why because there is no where in his store that states this policy and as far as I'm concerned walmart still takes IPs. I then proceeded to tell him that I drove 45 miles up here to buy these systems for my sons and that I'm not walking away until I get an answer with regards to the IP and where it's posted. So I waited another few minutes an the store manager and an ass't mgr came up... they tried explaining to me about coupon copying and how much they are losing and that is why they stopped IPs at their store. I said great but this is not posted. As a consumer I would not no that if it's not posted. I proceed to tell him about my 45 mile trip and that I would not have done it if I knew his store was like this. I told him that the Walmarts in MD still take IPs... so I was persistent and told him that if he can show me the memo that was passed down by corporate saying no to IPs then I will leave accepting that fact. So they agreed. BTW...they were all very nice...not confrontational at all. So I was able to put my foot down and ask for this. :D If I had confrontational mgrs I would have left. So pick your battles wisely!!! Well I waited and waited and waited... they all disappeared. I got impatient... asked the FEM to page the mgrs over and over again... NOPE NOTHING! So I got bored and remember that on Hot Deals (my other site that I run with BBC girls) that had walmarts coupon policy... So I pulled the coupon policy up from my Palm Centro... WAHLAH!! I hit the jackpot... On walmarts website it specifically states taht they take IPs!!!! so I went to CS desk to wait since I was in the way... I started to get in line but then I saw another lady and asked her if she could help me find the store manager that I was talking to... she asked me if she could help... so I proceeded to tell her what had happened 30 minutes ago and then I told her I found walmarts store policy online on their website and showed it to her... Then she proceeded to read it from my Palm... LOL... that's when I noticed her name tag... SHE WAS ANOTHER WALMART STORE MANAGER (HIGHER LEVEL UP)... :D she was soo nice... she said yeah I'm right and that we should have taken it ... .so she got on her walkie trying to look for the other managers that helped me... and well... the final outcome was... she solved my issue within 5 minutes and I got my money refunded to me ($40 BUCKS) and a $10 giftcard for my troubles!!!... YUP I was excited and I gave her a hug. :D hahaha... I'm gonna write a letter commending her since she made it happen!

So here's the link to walmarts coupon policy.... And finally my Palm Centro came in handy!!! LOL

Lands' End Swimsuits... Pretty cheap!

Thanks to the girls on BBC for the heads-up!!!

Click here for the cheapy swimsuits

use either of these codes for free shipping! :D

Free 3-7 Business Day Shipping!
Promotion code: ACTION
PIN: 7396
Offer valid through 11:59 p.m. CDT Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(Posted by Shenanagan, obtained through Live Chat)
Promotion code: LANDSEND
PIN Number 309
Offer valid through 11:59 p.m. CDT Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

Safeway - Windex, Pledge or Scrubbing Bubbles Cat Deal

Pledge deal heads up was given to me by Gwen (thanks!)... It maybe regional... I'm not sure... I haven't done it and don't know if it will work... It may... worth a try! :D

4 Pledge Multi Surface spray 3.99 x 4 = 15.96
Qs used: -2($2/1) IPs from their site and -2($1.25/1) MQ from 2/22 SS
Paid: 9.46+tax

ONE $5 cat off OYNO (thank you from SC Johnson & Son)
FOUR $1 cats off OYNO (thank you from Pledge!)
one cat MQ $2/1 any one Downy liquid fabric softener
one cat MQ $4/1 any one Glade Sense&Spray Start Kit


the Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles will be a good deal also!!!

There are two coupons out in today's paper that are $.75/1...

Both windex and scrubbing bubbles are on sale B1G1 and they are $4.29 in my area (maybe cheaper in your area)...So it will look like this... and it's only good till this tuesday for this scenario since the B1G1 free ends then...

x 4
-8.58 (b1g1 free, two are free and they do not count twds 10%)
-1.50 (this is .75/1 doubled)
-1.50 (another .75/1 doubled)
-.86 (this is the 10%)
=4.72 and get the $5 cat back

or you can do this if you store allows a cpn on a free item. :D

x 4
-8.58 (b1g1 free, two are free and they do not count twds 10%)
-1.50 ( .75/1 doubled)
-1.50 (.75/1 doubled)
-1.50 (.75/1 doubled)
-1.50 (.75/1 doubled)
-.86 (this is the 10%)
=1.72 and get the $5 cat back

LIMIT 1 $5 OYNO cat per transaction. So you will have to seperate these into sets of 4 when ringing up.

Safeway - New Cat Details...

Thanks to Gwen...

Buy any Windex, Pledge or Scrubbing Bubbles
between 3/27 and 4/19

Buy (2) and get $1.50 ... or
Buy (3) and get $3.00 ... or
Buy (4) or More and get $5.00 coupon off OYNO

All Items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock.

LIMIT 1 $5 OYNO cat per transaction. So you will have to seperate these into sets of 4 when ringing up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Safeway - Bertolli Sauce Pouches

This is a MONEYMAKER! Even if it's expired, still buy it and then tell CS to exchange them out at a later point in time.

For every 2 you buy, you get a $2 OYNO catalina! Expiration date is unknown but it's working in CA and MD and VA and a few other places. We are thinking it's nationwide... so it's worth it to try 2 out to see if it prints.... :D

This is the math..

$2 x 10 = $20 - $10 blinkie $1/1q - $5 instant off - $2 is 10% = $3 OOP and get 5 - $2 OYNO cats!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spreadsheets and Documents

Just wanted to let everyone know that I moved all the spreadsheets and documents to Google Sites. I am having box.net issues and have no idea why it's not working for me. So got fed up and moved it all. Wasn't much to move so I'm happy that I didn't have to spend too much time doing that.

Links are all updated to the left. Mix Match promo pdf is there too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Safeway - Buy 10 save $5 instantly

I'll post the online version of what's included in this deal... from reading SD, this list should be huge but the online version is limited. I don't have a master list. I only have what is posted from my Safeway online ad for the MD area.

Just so you know... I printed this ad yesterday and it was 73 pages long. Today when I printed it, the ad was 79 pages long. So it's constantly changing. If I see a big difference again, I'll update the ad. Posted to the left...

Good deals ...

$2 Dial Vanilla Honey Foaming Hand Soap Yogurt $.35/1
$2.50 Colgate and crest $1/1
$1.25 halls cough drops b1g1 tearpad
$2.50 lysol wipes $1/1
$2.50 lysol pourable 0.50/1
$1.25 Fuze B1G1 free tearpad or the $.25/1 insert cpn
$2.50 Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1/1 tearpad or $1/1 insert cpn
$2.00 Amp, $1/1 amp tearpad
$2.00 Bertolli Sauce Pouches, $1/1 blinkies

if you buy 10 of the same items (just showing you what the cost would be...you can mix and match and probably get a lower cost but the scenarios are endless so I'm just posting this :D )... the cost will be...
$.60 each for dial
$.75 each for colgate or crest
free for halls cough drops
$.75 for lysol wipes
$.75 for lysol pourable
$.13 each for fuze using $.25/1 doubled
Free fuze with B1G1 tearpad
$.75 each quaker instant oatmeal with either cpn
$.10 each with Amp tearpad
$.30 each Bertolli Sauce pouch with blinkie cpn found right in front of product!

Safeway - Aquapod Waters MoneyMaker!!!

If you are going to safeway check the shelf tag to see if it's still 2 for $4... Online has it back at regular price but everyone on SD is reporting that it's still 2 for $4. If it is...then this will be cheap water or moneymaker waters with the right coupons!!!! Oh and the aquapods are part of the buy 10 save $5 instantly.

The buy 10 save $5 ends 3/31. The aquapod water cats end (3/24 per SD) and the sale price is good till 3/31.

So here goes...

Buy 10 at $2 each
minus $5 instant (mix match promo)
minus $5 ($1/2 mft coupon if you have it 2/8 RP)
minus $2 (10% discount)
=$8 oop and get five $2 OYNO cats back!

Then roll it to the next one!!!

Buy 10 at $2 each
minus $5 instant (mix match promo)
minus $5 ($1/2 mft coupon if you have it 2/8 RP)
minus $2 (10% discount)
minus $8 (four of the $2 OYNO)
=$0 oop and get five $2 OYNO cats!

So you should have $12 in catalinas left and paid $8 cash OOP. :D

I should have gone to safeway today and checked the shelf price but i was lazy and I saw online that it was $3.xx so it wasn't worth it...but then SD is reporting that hte sale price is still up and working!!! UGH... I shoulda gone!!!

Well I just ordered cpns $.75/2 so those will double to make my scenario above even better. LOL... I listed the $1/2 because they are easier to find.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Safeway - Overlapping Juice Deals!!!

OMG my eyes are about to pop from reading SD and it's too late to go out to run these deals. LOL

But here is the summary..

The buy 5 save $5 instantly runs till Tuesday for select juices.

There will be another promotion that is buy 10 and save $5 instantly on 1000's of products throughout safeway that is suppose to start on wednesday but started early. Of these products, some are in the "select juices" for the buy 5 save $5 promo.

SD narrowed it down to these juices that are overlapping.

Ocean Spray Cranberry (46 OZ) - $2
Ocean Spray Cranberry Light (46 OZ) - $2
Ocean Spray Pomegranate (46 OZ) - $2
Motts Apple Juice (64 OZ) - $2.50
Capri Sun (10 Packs) - $2.50

If you do the overlapping deal you have to do it in sets of 10 to have this work!!!! You can do multiples of 10 to have it work also!!!!!

I'm going to base these scenarios without using coupons to show you the effect of how awesome this deal will be. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO DOUBLE DIP!!!!

Ocean Spray Cranberry
$2 x qty 10 =$20 - $5 (buy 5 save $5 first set) - $5 (buy 5 save $5 second set) - $5 (overlapping deal buy 10 save $5) = $5 for 10 bottles. IF you have the 10% off (second post down) take another $2 off so it will be $3 for 10 bottles of OS cranberry. All without coupons!!!If you have coupons then super duper moneymaker!!! Stupid MD area didn't get the OS coupons. :(

Arby's Free w/purchase items... Expires march 31, 09

Here's the direct link...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giant MD/VA/DC March 13-19th

Is tripling up to $.99 at select stores... My giant is not participating. To check, go to giant's website and select your area store. When the ad comes up, do thumbnail view. The coupons are located next to the last page (small side sliver page).

the coupons look like this.

Here are the stores that I could find that are tripling... but you should double check your area if it's not on the list. I may have missed it.

CHATHAM MALL, Ellicott City, MD
DORSEY SEARCH, Ellicott City, MD
EDGEWATER, Edgewater, MD
GLEN BURNIE , Glen Burnie, MD
LAPLATA, Laplata, MD
LUSBY, Lusby, MD
PARK 97, Glen Burnie, MD
VIENNA, Vienna, VA

1 year (12 issues) Glamour Magazine subscription $1.50 - Expires March 15th

thanks to SD...

1 year (12 issues) Glamour Magazine subscription $1.50 - Expires March 15th Celebrate Glamours 70 year anniversary. Subscribe now at our lowest price ever - 1 year for just $1.50 (that was our price in 1939). Limited time only, expires March 15th. Auto renews after 1 year so be sure to cancel.

To avoid auto renewals send this as a gift subscription to yourself.

Link to magazine deal on glamour's webpage...

Condé Nast Automatic Renewal Feature
I understand that I will receive uninterrupted service and delivery of my subscription(s) and my subscription(s) will be automatically renewed each year at the rate then in effect. I won't be bothered with any renewal notices in the mail; instead, I will receive a clearly marked annual reminder about 60 days before my credit card is charged or a bill is sent. I may cancel at any time during my subscription or up to one year after the magazine becomes undeliverable by calling 1-800-405-8085 and receive a full refund on any unmailed copies. This feature does not apply to gift subscriptions.

Subscribers: If the Post Office alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable, we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within one year.

Arby's Free Roast Beef w/Drink purchase Exp March 20

Direct link to coupon...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazon Diapers 2 jumbo packs of Newborn $13.36

This is a pretty good deal if you can't get in on the WAGS diaper deal...

Two packs of Jumbo NEWBORN for $13.36 when u do the subscribe and save (you can cancel the subscribe and save immediately after ordering)... so basically $6.68 for a pack.


Huggies Newborn Diapers Starter Set (Up to 10 Pounds), 40-Count Packages (Pack of 2) (80 Diapers)

Amazon - Hitachi Router $19 (this is a price mistake)

thanks to sd...

Hitachi Router $19 is most likely a price mistake. It's sold through a 3rd party company. The original price is $327.07 and it's marked down to $8.60 + $9.99 shipping.

If you place this order a few things could happen...
1. it get shipped and you get the item!
2. the order gets canceled
3. they ship the wrong item out to you and then you have to ship it back.

Worth a try! Not for the quesy.

Link to Router

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be on the lookout for Kashi Coupons!

Thanks to SD for the image below...

there are kashi coupons out at Albertsons right now (Kroger was just reported as having it)... These are high value coupons that will come in handy (especially for the safeway CHILL promo)! The ebay sellers are ripping them all off to sell. So try and get some before it's all pilfered.

The coupon looks like this...

Hopefully you can find it at any one of these chains. But it's only reported at albertsons.

I hope I can find some as they are super EXPENSIVE ON EBAY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 FREE Philadelphia 76ers tickets - vs Raptors or vs. Twolves

saw this on SD...

2 FREE Philadelphia 76ers tickets - vs Raptors or vs. Twolves http://www.sixerspromos.com/vm/

2 games available:
Wed. March 11 vs Toronto Raptors
Wed. March 25 vs Minnesota Timberwolves

"By submitting the information below, you are opting into the Sixers Sixth Man Email Club and agree to receive emails including discounts, breaking news and exclusive offers. We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with any third parties. You also reserve the right to opt out at any given time."

You have to pick up the tickets in Wachovia Center during normal business hours.

Safeway - Juice Deal Save $5 off 5 instantly!!!

I added the PDF of participating products to the left hand side (MD area). The deal looks like it will run till the March 17th.

The only real deal with coupon match ups would be the Ocean spray grapefruit juice $1/1 coupon. I didnt get these in my inserts so I ordered them on ebay.

Oh there are hang tags right now for $1/1 ocean spray MIX drinks. It's a new product or something. But there were tons of hangtags everywhere. i didnt get any since I dont think I will be mixing any drinks. LOL

There are a few printables out there if your store likes printables. :D

Safeway - Chill Out at Home UPDATES


I added a new Chill promo picture list (it's on the left hand side... printed from the MD area). The prices have changed from the last one I posted up (that one is deleted now). The master list is still there if you wanted it (provided by SD).

Coupon Match-Ups

3/15/09 Inserts
Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Flatbread Melt Entrees - $1.00 off 2 (x5/31) SS
Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Stromboli Entrées - $1.00 off 2 (x5/31) SS
Bertolli Frozen Meals - $1.25 off 1 (x5/23) RP

3/8/09 Inserts
Birdseye Steamfresh for Two - $2.00 off 1 SS

Prices this week...
Birdseye is $4.99 this week!!! so OMG this will be an awesome deal.
Stouffer Panini $2.99
Stouffer Stromboli $2.50
Bertolli $6.99

Gorton/Oreida Deal
this is over! So don't plan your chill promo's around this.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Property Tax Reduction Kit from American Homeowner's Association

Saw this on SD...

The kit is actually an 86 page PDF with a lot of useful information on property taxes and how to contest your assessment. It's supposed to be a $29.95 value but it's available for free here...hehe, if you can get this to work the real savings is a lowered property tax bill.

Body Shop Brush set for cheap...

So I was reading this thread on SD... and basically the best deal would be...

Buy a $25 gc and the $15 discounted brush set (this brush set is $90 but they are running a promo at the moment, expires March 11th).

use the following two codes
WEL221 -- free shipping on purchases over $30 for first time buyers only
HOLIDAY -- $10 off $40 or more single purchase. Good through 3/31/09.

and go through ebates to save and additional 5%... and you basically pay $30 plus tax for the giftcard and brush set (not counting ebates discount)... so... $5 for the brush set and you still have the $25 giftcard!

Awesome if you use their products and will be using money at their store regardless of discounted freebies...

SD girls said the brush are totally worth it...not the el-cheapos and it's recommended by the "oprah magazine"... well whatever that means! LOL

heres' the $90 brush set...

here's the $25 giftcard..

The brush set will auto deduct to the $15 dollar amount.

Brush Roll

John Deere Peg Perego Stroller - $99 + SH

Saw this on SD...

John Deere Peg Perego Baby Stroller $99 + s/h The stroller is heavy - 13 kg or over 20 pds - not a fold-n-go type. Shipping is $10.95. I couldn't find a valid coupon code for additional discout. Shows listed price as $499, but some sites show it lower at around $300.

LINK to stroller

Here is the same stroller on overstock.com

  • Perfect for everyday use, the John Deere Centro Stroller has many useful features, including:
  • Full recline backrest
  • Five-point freedom of movement harness
  • All-weather rain shield and boot
  • Folds easily and compactly
  • Handlebar adjusts to height preference of user
  • All-wheel suspension with swivel front wheels and rear wheel brakes
  • Removable, hand-washable upholstery
  • Adult cup holder on handlebar
  • The John Deere Centro Stoller has received a JPMA safety certification. D esigned in Italy.

John Deere Centro Stroller

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Safeway - Dannon Daniaml Crush Cups

Expires March 31, 09
Dannon Danimals Crush Cups 4ct (YMMV on this one... => Dannon Activia w/ Fiber 4ct) are on sale for $2/ea. Use $1/1 from 3/1 SS to get them for $1 a pack or less if you have the 10% savings. Or if your store doubles up to $1 then free.

Yogurt is nice to stock up on... you can always freeze it for the kids to enjoy during a hot day. Nice yogurty (i know it's not a word) ice cream. LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009

Giant MD/VA/DC - Doubling up to $1 March 6-12th

Is doubling up to $1 again ... I think all Giants are participating... When you check online..it's not on the front page like usual. It's on the last page or next to it... just view thumbnails online and you should see it.. .It's on the side flap insert!

You can double 4 - $1 coupon in a transaction and the transaction has to be $15. Don't know if that is before or after coupons. LOL

HYVEE - $200 in Free Food (coupons) with purchase of $199 Freezer!

Good March 5-7th!!!!

Saw this on SD... OMG this is an awesome awesome deal!

FREE FOOD With Freezer Purchase: Haier 5.3 cu ft @ HyVee $199 with $200 in free food! HyVee is selling a 5.3 cubic ft capacity chest freezer for $199. When you purchase this freezer you receive coupons for $200 in free groceries. Essentially, you buy the food, the freezer's free.

FYI this freezer sells at Walmart.com for $212.98, so it is a decent deal with out the food coupons.

Here's the list the coupons that are included. Thank you to KissesonlyStan at The Grocery Game dot Com for providing the list.

Mr. Dell's Hash Browns up to $2.79 x 2
Kraft Bagel-fuls up to $2.00
HyVee 4.5 Qt Ice Cream up to $4.48
Dole Fruit Up to $2.99 x 2
El Monterey Enchiladas up to $5.99
HyVee Kitchen Boneless Breaded Tenders $16.98
Jones Meat Products Up To $4.99 x 2
Sea Pack Fish up to $10.99
New York Texas Toast $2.98
Jose Ole Mexican up to $6.99
Healthy Choice Dinners up to $5.49
Marie Calender's Dinners up to $4.32
Bryer's Ice Cream up to $2.68
Kashi Entrees and Pockets up to $2.79
Door County Fruit Crisps up to $5.99
Welch's Juice Cocktail up to $1.25
Mars/Snickers Ice Cream Novelty up to $2.99
Michelin's Frozen Entrees up to $1.18
Farmland Sausage up to $1.29
Birdseye Meal for Two up to $5.48
Digiorno Pizza For One up to $2.50
Old Orchard Pomegranate Juice Blend up to $2.99
Old Orchard Juice up to $1.79
Palermo Pizza $5.98
Farm Rich Snacks up to $8.99
Edwards Single Serve Deserts up to $2.99
Oven Poppers Sole Shrimp Entrees $5.98
Oven Poppers Sole Tilapia Entrees $6.99
Hungry Man Dinners up to $2.89
Cool Whip Topping 12 oz up to $1.99
Jack's Pizza up to $2.67
Tony's Pouches/Larry's Potatoes up to $1.00
Fast Fixin Products $5.00 off x 2
Sheboygan Sausage up to $3.99
Haagen-Daz Ice Cream up to $4.25
HyVee Blue Ribbon Pork $5.00 Off
HyVee Blue Ribbon Beef $5.00 Off
Ziplock Freezer bags up to $1.88

You may notice that almost everything listed is also in their weekly ad at the price given on the coupon.

This is a Three Day Sale at Select HyVee grocery stores, so check online to see if your store is participating at www.hyvee.com.

If I had a Hyvee I would totally do this... I would get the freezer and use my coupons at safeway. LOL But I'm not sure if these are store coupons or MFT...but either way... freaking awesome!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dead - Swagbucks code..

I'm sorry everyone... I can't tell time! The code shoudl be expired now. I'm on east coast time and I keep forgetting that 6pm PST is 3 hours behind... :(


Thanks to Baby_hokie on BBC...

Swag Code on our Flickr page - Enter the first name of the winner of the Tweety Wallet b4 6:00 PST

Go here then click on page 4.
http://tinyurl.com/d3ey8r #swagbucks

The it's the guy holding the tweety wallet. His name starts with a "G"... just copy and paste his first name and enter it on swagbucks for $1!

You're looking for this guy...
A Swag Bucks Snag - Tweety Wallet by Official Swag Buck

Safeway Brag! :D

I just did a huge deal and I'm sooooo excited! Thanks to a sweet sweet SWEET gal on SD for sharing her special number with me! ::WAVE::

I got ...
8 texas toast
2 oreida hash fries
2 gorton fish fillets
1 gallon milk
4 raisin bran (POST)
4 kelloggs K
1 kelloggs special k with yogurt and berries
1 kelloggs fruit loops

8 - $.75/1 texas toast doubled
1 - $1/2 gorton
2 - $1/2 post cereal
6 - $.70/1 kelloggs any cereal doubled
1 - $10 catalina
doubled 10% savings per a friend on SD..her card is doubling the 10%

OOP $1.85 and got back $10 catalina and $4 catalina from raisin bran!!!!

I"M EXCITED!!!! my freezer is stuff to the seams!!!

New Swag Code - Expires at 1:37pm EST or so

Swag guys posted a code on their facebook account and said it will expire in 45 minutes from 12:52pm... So hurry!

I can't type the exact code out but I will give you almost the code hint (thanks Brubend)...

It's the abbreviation for "thank god it's almost Friday". All lowercase letters.

Like "tgif" but insert the "a" in the appropriate spot. :)

Go here to enter your code... right above the "gimme" button on the left hand side.

Safeway Buy 5 save $5 instanly on select Cereals

Here are some scenarios...

SD is also reporting the Post Raisin Bran Cat is printing now!!!

Expires March 22, 09
Buy Post Raisin Bran Cereal between 2/27 and 3/22 and get:
Buy 2, get $2 OYNO
Buy 3, get $3 OYNO
Buy 4, get $4 OYNO

You can roll this cat from one transaction to another! And you can do multiple buy 5 save $5 deals in one transaction. Just make sure that you pick the right cereals that are part of the promo. Also the 10% isn't affected by the instant $5 off (was tested by SDers)!!!

Also keep in mind that I'm rolling the Raisin Bran Cereal to get teh $4 OYNO cat to bring my totals down in subsequent transactions. This also will let me get a little bit of overage depending on how I work the deal. This overage can be used to buy more expensive cereals instead of the cheap ones I have listed or you can just get other stuff to cover the overage.

Dead - Ann Taylor Loft Cute Summer Dress - $5.49 after coupon!

Edit to add: forgot the link but it doesnt matter now..it's dead... all sold out! LOL

In addition to the shoes I posted, here is a dress you can get as well! There are tons of sizes left but only moss olive in color left.

To save an additional 20% off and get free shipping use code teacher20.

Go through Ebates.com to save an additional 3%!

Bank of America -Free Museum admission...

Your weekend pass to arts & culture!
Get free admission all year long to over 70 museums on the first weekend of every month with your Bank of America card!

It all starts with your Bank of America check, ATM or credit card.

Take advantage of Museums on Us on a the first weekend of every month. Any card from Bank of aAmerica gives you free general admissions to over 70 museums nationwide!

Art, science, history or nature - your card gets you into whatever you're into.

Free weekends listed so far...
March 7 and 8
April 4 and 5

Click here for more details and participating museums!

Dead - Ann Taylor Loft Shoes - $5.49!!!

Edit to add: this is dead now... hopefully y'all got some! LOL

These two shoes are $5.49 each after you add them to your shopping cart!!! There are a ton of sizes left as well as colors too but probably will be gone as the day goes on!

To save an additional 20% off and get free shipping use code teacher20.

Go through Ebates.com to save an additional 3%!

Kmart - Spend $50 get $25 MIR from Glamour! Dates 3/10 and 4/30

Saw this on SD...

Spend $50 at Kmart between 3/10 and 4/30 get a $25 GC for Kmart from Glamour magazine
Okay, I did not know where to put this, so mods, feel free to move.

Page 145 of April's Glamour magazine (Katie Holmes-Cruise 70th anniversary cover) right hand side:

"Glamour is calling all smart shoppers. Shop March 10th-April 30th at Kmart.
Spend $50 at Kmart and mail your original receipt to Glamour.
For every $50 you spend, we'll send you a $25 Kmart gift card to use toward your next purchase"*

*While supplies last. Kmart purchases must be make during the promotion period. For every eligible receipt, you will receive a gift card for exclusive use at Kmart stores. Send your qualifying receipts along with your name, address and telephone number to:

NY NY 10036

Must be received by 5/13/2009. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of GC.

IT DOES NOT SAY ANYWHERE THAT IT IS ONLY ONE PER PERSON OR ADDRESS!!!!! But I'm not sure I would try more than one per address!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Safeway Buy 5 save $5 instanly on select Cereals

I added the PDF to the left hand side... The list was printed in the MD area. I would double check your area to see if it's participating. Seems to be a nationwide deal but better check to make sure! Promo ends March 10, 09.

Cpns to use for this promo would be

  • Kellogg's Cereal, One box, any flavor, 10 oz or larger - 02-22-09 RP $0.70/1
  • Kellogg's Jumbo Multi-Grain Krispies, Raisin Bran Extra, Mini-Wheats Little Bites, Special K Blueberry or Disney Hannah Montana Cereal, Any 11.2 Oz. + - 02-22-09 RP $1.00/1
  • Quaker Cap'n Crunch Cereal, Any - 01-04-09 RP $0.50/1
  • Post Honeycomb Cereal, any box - 03-01-09 SS $0.55/1
  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Any 16 Oz. + - 01-04-09 RP $.50/1
I can't think of any other coupons that would double nicely... so this is a start! :D I'll update the list as I find them.

Free Mocha during Dine-in at BOBEVANS Exp March 11, 09

Thanks to BBC (gutibaby8)

Free Mocha from bobevans... Exp March 11, 09

click here for coupon

Freebie: New! Ziploc® Brand Fresh Shield™ Freezer Bags from Costco

Thanks to BBC for the deal (gutibaby8)

Click here for the freebie from Costco.


CVS - Big Clearance Items 90% off (some are 75%)

Be on the lookout for the following items at CVS (yup CVS, I haven't posted about it in a loooooonnnnnggggg time!). :D

All the below items are compiled from HCW post.

I saw this post on HCW... Thought it would help with visuals... and this post too..

Copied from HCW Clearance Section...

The clearance sets had this type of tag, a sticker tag in the upper corner white with a pink border that says $45 value but another price ($19.99) in red

· Attico 3 piece Cosmetic bag set $2.49

· Brittney Spears Miniatures - $2.49

· Brittney Sprears Fantasy $1.99

· CK One Sets - $3.29

· Cool Water 3 piece 3.49

· Curve Mini Sets - $1.99 ea.

· Drakar Noir for 1.99

· Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean 3 piece set $2.99

· Elizabeth Arden Provocative .33 oz $1.29

· Elizabeth Arden sets @2.99 each

· Giorgio .33 oz .99

· Giorgio .33 oz 1.29

· Giorgio Armani - $1.99

· Giorgio Red .33 oz $1.29

· Impression of princess by Vera Wang Body Lotion & Eau De Toilette $1.25

· Impression of With Love by Hillary Duff Body Lotion & Eau De Toilette $1.25

· JLO Glow After Dark - $1.99 (I think that was the price)

· Liz Claiborne Coffret 7-piece set 1.99

· Mediterrane 3 piece 2.99

· mini sets @1.99

· Mustang 1.99

· Passion 4 piece 1.99

· Preferred Stock gift set

· Pre-Teen Glam Girl Kit (in perfume section) .99

· Provactive .33 oz 1.29

· Sean John gift set

· Tommy Boy .5 oz 1.49

· Tommy Girl - $3.29

· Usher for women gift set

· Wet N' Wild 10 piece nail kit $1.25

· White Diamonds - $1.99

· White Shoulders gift set


· EOB Citrus Coconut Travel Set 3-piece set 6 fl oz $1.25

· EOB Sugar Plum gift sets in boxes

· EOB set of six body washes and poufs

· little EOB gift sets with stocking stuffer size items

· 3 Piece Gift Set reg. 4.99 now $.49 contains shower gel 3.38oz, body lotion 3.38oz, lip balm .5oz

· Travel Set reg. 4.99 now $.49 contains : body lotion, body mist, shower gel 2oz ea

· EOB Body Lotion 8 oz. reg. 5.99 now $.59

· EOB Bubble Bath 12 oz. reg 5.99 now $.59

· EOB Body Mist 5.1 oz. reg 5.99 now $.59

· EOB Shower Gel Gift Set 6 pc 4oz ea. reg. 12.99 now $1.29

· EOB Hand Care Caddy Set reg. 7.99 now $.79 contains: Hand Soap and Hand Lotion 9.4 oz ea

· EOB Bath Robes $1.49

Walgreens Cheat Sheet

I didn't even think to post this on the blog (LOL sorry)... So here is the cheat sheet I created for my BBC girls!

PDF is here or at the bottom of this page.


DOVE Buy 4 Select Dove Products get $2, Buy 6 get $6, Buy 8 Get $10 -- 3/01/09 - 3/28/09

  • Trial Size Dove 2.6oz bars (does not qualify for in-ad cpn)
  • Dove 3.15oz bars (yes to in-ad cpn)
  • Trial Size Deo (use 1/18RP $1.50/2 deo)

Vaseline Lotion Deal Buy 1 get 2rr (below are working)

  • Total Moisture Conditioning Lotion 10 oz (clearanced)
  • Cocoabutter working (clearanced)
  • Rescue (clearanced)
  • Men's vaseline body and face lotion 10oz. It is a black bottle. (clearanced)

J&J Buy $25 and get 10RR
These qualify for the promo and the Coloring Book IVC

  • 15 oz Johnsons bedtime lotion- white AND purple bottles- these are more expensive than the other lotion
  • 15 oz Johnsons pink lotion- cheaper than bedtime.
  • 14 oz baby oil- aloe vera and pink lid regular


MATH ON TRIAL DOVE BARS: .99 x 8 =7.92 and get $10RR

MATH ON 3.15 DOVE BARS: .99(AD CPN) x 8 =7.92 and get $10RR
MQ: in ad WAGS cpn

MATH ON DOVE TRIAL DEO: .99 x 8 =7.92 - 6 (qty 4 - 1.50/2) = 1.92 and get $10RR
MQ: 1/18RP $1.50/2 deo or body mist. no size restriction

MATH ON LOTION: 2.70 - 1.50 = 1.20 and get 2.00 RR
MQ: 1/18RP there are $1/1 and $1.50/1 depends on the lotion. some lotions will be cheaper.

MATH ON J&J: well you have to hit the $25 mark, all area’s are different in price. But if you use the mft cpn $1/1 and the coloring book cpn this could be a break even scenario when you get the RR. You will have OOP unless you buy overage stuff.
MQ: 1/1 from 1/4RP, 2/22 RP and 3/8 RP

MATH ON COLGATE MAXFRESH: 3.29 - 1/1 =2.29 and get 3.29 RR
MQ: 1/1 from 02-22-09 SS

12.99 – 4mq – 10 easy saver = -1.01

7.99 – 2 mq = 5.99 and get $8 RR

Mylanta classic mint is on clearance to $1.59 and the Ultimate mint is $2.19. Use the mft 1/4RP $4/2 and IVC $2 for major overage.
1.59 x 3=4.77 - 4mft - 6ivc =-$5.23 overage
2.19 x 2=4.38- 4mft - 4ivc =-$3.62 overage

Swagbucks Code...

This one is found on the first poll titled "The Tastiest Girl Scout Cookie Is..."

it's the first answer! Hurry code will expire soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Swagbucks Code...

So there is a freebie code posted...

Go here: http://blog.swagbucks.com/2009/03/users-have-spoken-tsg-needs-haricut.html

Scroll down to the poll that looks like an ipod, the answer is next to the last selection.

edit to add: thanks to my bbc girls (Teal) for being on top of things!

These codes will not last that long...so go enter it now! :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

safeway - Water deal

Thanks to sd...

There is a OYNO cat deal and the details are this...
"$2 cat for buying two 12 pack -8oz Ozarka water which is on sale for 2/$5"

I don't know what the end dates are and SD said that Ozarka water is basically deer park, Arrowhead, aquapod etc... Just depends on your area and how they brand it.

HCW shows there are $.75/2... so it would look like this if the MD/VA

$2.50 Ozarka or brands above
x 2
-$1.50 ($.75/2 doubled)
=$3.50 oop and get a $2 cat back

So if you need water for the kiddos, worth trying to see if the cat prints in your area. :D

Safeway - Chill (typo)

I had a typo in scenario 3 in the below post... So I changed it... Please discard the other scenario sheet if you saved it!

the one below is correct now.

BTW... all my scenarios contain the 10% off ... to get the 10% off you can call customer service for safeway & chain M-F and ask them to put a courtesy 10% for various reasons...

1. My friend has the 10% and I wanted to know if I could get it on my card as well
2. There are tons of competition in our area and I wanted to know if I could get a 10% courtesy on my card to stay competitive with other stores around my area. I love safeway and would like to stay shopping at your store
3. If you ahve a new safeway in your area, they usually will give you the 10% if you ask
4. If you know of someone that has the 10% they may share it with you. I asked someone on SD and they are sharing it with me. :D Hopefully I can get my 10% activated but I'm not sharing...sorry... I have a ton of people following this thread and I dont think it's a good idea to spread my number around! LOL

If you ask CS and get turned down, just continue to call day in and day out. Eventually you will get a really nice CS person and they will add it to your card. When I had my very first 10% it took over 10 tries to get it added to my card but I was persistent!!! Oh and remember... be nice...SUPER nice... you catch more bees with honey! :D raving about safeway is a good thing too and tell them how much you want to keep your business there and not shop anywhere else! This seems to work well for the ones on SD. :D

Safeway - Chill Promo Scenarios ROUND 2...

Edit: had some typos for scenario 3...it's fixed now...

So here are more scenarios... great coupons from today's inserts!!!

Gortons $1/2 or $.40/1 depending on region
New York Texas Toast $.75/1 (can double)

1. tai pei OOP 1.50
2. toast and pillsbury toasters OOP .70
3. toast, pillsbury, oreida and fillers OOP $2.13
4. pizza, toast, oreida, gortons and other fillers $2.66 oop


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!