Monday, January 11, 2010


this is HOT... OMG I bought the NERO last summer for $70!!! and now this is FREE after rebate through costco (VALID ONLY TODAY)! You have to submit the rebate by 2/10/10!!!

Click here for Nero Reloaded

Click here for rebate

Plus Non-Member surcharge of $3.40 if you're not a Costco member.

  Deal of The Day    $67.99 Mail-in Rebate  Monday January 11, 2010  Nero 9 - Reloaded

I use Nero to make dvd photoslide shows. I know there are free programs out to do this but they are a PIA! I've tried a few before buying Nero 9. I hated all of them. They are not as simple as the NERO product. There are some (a ton actually) that HATES anything Nero after the Nero 6 version. But you decide. I like it and I've not had issues with it. :D I also don't use Nero to burn DVDs from ISOs either... But for close to free (most gotta pay tax) it's worth a try or just to have on your shelf just in case you need it! :D

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