Friday, February 26, 2010

Giants/Stop N Shop - Cheap Dannon Yogurts!

There is a Dannon Yogurt deal. Buy $10 and get $3 OYNO cat back. Expires March 4th.

With Giant/StopNShop the deals are based off of shelf price instead of sale price (well most of the time, hasn't failed yet)...

So pair up cpns and get some really cheap yogurt deals.

I know that the coolision is $2.50 original price and on sale for $2. If you buy 4 that will get you to the $10 price. So if you buy 4 x $2 = $8- four $1/1 mft cpns = $4 and get a $3 OYNO cat back. So $1 for 4 packs of coolision.

The DanActives 4pack drinkables, dan-o-nino's and Activia tubs should all be great prices too! I dont have the original prices on these products but they should be really cheap!

CPNS are all from 2/7/10 SS!

Danaimals Coolision 6pk - $1/1
DanActive 4pk - $1/1
Dan-o-nino - $1/1
Activa Tub - $1/1

dannon.jpg picture by phansmail

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