Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kmart - AWESOME $10 off $20 in store coupon!!!

YMMV - people are saying that "corporate" is not accepting this coupon. various reasons are given.
This is a really awesome coupon and it doesn't expire till May 22!!!

Here's the direct link.


Dancing Pen said...

We printed this out and headed out to Kmart, which is out of the way for us (and NOT my fave store...). We bought things waited in an insane line only to be told that corporate says that their server was hacked into and they WON'T be accepting these coupons. Erghhhh...... :)

Fannie said...

awe... i'm sorry! usually when it's hot like this, it's best to go the day of. I actually didn't make it out there yesterday but went this morning and was able to get two of my kmarts to accept the coupon.


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