Friday, June 4, 2010

Medco - $10 off your orders (great way to buy cheap sunscreen)!!!

Thanks to the bbc girls!!!!

coupon codes to use...

use this one first - FIRST10
then this one - MHS10
then this one - 10OFF
then this one - TENOFF

The coupon codes have to be used in separate orders. I was only able to get a combination of two coupons to work on my account (in two separate orders). Some were able to get 3 to work on their accounts. Either way the coupon codes are awesome to use on sunscreen!!

I ended up ordering Jason Natural Cosmetics Chemical Free Sunblock, SPF 30+ 4 oz for me (thanks steph) and then California Baby SPF+30 Sunblock Stick, No Fragrance 0.5 oz for the kids face.

It's hard to get great deals on excellent sunscreens with low toxic levels. Here's a list if your interested. :D

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