Friday, December 31, 2010 - $20 off 20 + free shipping

This will only work in IE. Firefox and Safari checkouts won't work.

1) Go to and create an account

2) Look for items above $20 (so you need a cart total of $21 or more for the coupon code to work) you want to buy and add to your cart (Codes can be used on Holiday shop items as well as Sale event items)

3)Click on checkout

4)Add promo code WELCOME1 (This code is for a $20 off $20 purchase)

5) Once the code is applied, do not click on checkout , click on the Swirl logo on the top left side , this will take you back to the homepage

6)Now click on checkout again and this time you will be able to add one more code . If it doesn't work you can close your browser and open another browser and type the website manually (this worked for some on SD)

7)Add code "SWIRLST" for free shipping.

8) Enter your shipping details, CC info and checkout

The WELCOME1 code is supposed to be 20 off 20 code but if your total with free shipping comes to zero, it does not seem to work. So if you dont mind spending a dollar or two this is a good deal

The stuff on this site is pretty expensive but you can find a few things in the $2-$4 OOP range. I didn't see anything at the $1 OOP price at this point.

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