Friday, January 14, 2011

Kmart BM - Super Toy Clearance

Kmart is having a big clearance on select toys. If your kmart is participating, most (if not all) of the toys listed below will ring up $3!!!

I went to 3 kmarts and 2 were participating and 1 was still regular or normal clearance. It's worth it to take a look. Never know what you'll find. Just remember to scan and check :D

Oh and if you go, kmart has the clearance toys in 2 or 3 spots usually. One is usually up front of the store or in the seasonal clearance area or on the end caps in the normal toy aisle. Sometimes they miss markdowns and it'll still be on the shelf. You will have to pull and scan at that point.

Click here for printable list.

Electronic’s Aisle and V.Smile Motion Games (Handy Manny, Scooby, Diego, Backyardigans, Thomas, Nemo, TinkerBell and a few others)
I dog games in the older packaging
Zippity games
My Meebas normally
leapster games (wall-e and I-spy
vtech pocket players
Have no Clue Aisle
Pixos (small boxes)
Avatar i-Tag Interactive Battle Pack
Avatar i-Tag RDA Grinder Vehicle
Wizards of Waverly Place Alex doll sets
mini kota trex

Girl Aisle
Fisher Price Precious Places
Bratz Stable with Horse
Polly Pocket sets
Boys Aisle
UFC Octagon Playset Normally
LEGO Power Miners 8091 Claw Catcher
LEGO Atlantis sets 8059 and 8076
Ben 10 Alien Creator
Lego Prince of Persia sets
Transformer laptop

Board Game Aisle
Scene it game
Candy Land game that youbuild the path
this giraffe limbo game
Simpsons edition of Scene It DVD(Twilight version also)
disney Monopoly
Trivial Pursuit teams

Polly Pocket Roller Coaster

Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopedia scanner with Bengal Tiger

Pitureka Penquin

6 in 1 combo pop up tents

TinkerBell Flying Figurine Playset

Scatterpillar Scramble Game

LEGO Prince of Persia The Ostrich Race (7570)


Little Tikes Hop and Scoot ATV

Bakugan Bakugauntlet New Vestroia

Ni Hao Kai-lan Tolee's Treehouse Deluxe Playset

Wow Wee Tiger Cubs ($59 originally)

Captain Rex helmet

Urban Myth Board Game

Hey Taxi Active Game

Playskool Busy Lil Garden Bench

Ucreate Games & Artimation

tickle me elmo hands

Fisher Price Mickey Motors Dragway

Shake and Go Extreme ($59 originally)

Elmo Micowave

Elmo on the Go Playset

Splashy the Whale Game

My Little Pony Cute Ponyville Sweetie Belle Gumball House

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