Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Safeway - Cheap and freebies

So depending where you are at in the US... you can get these items cheap or free. If you are in the land of doubles up to $.99 it should be cheap. If you are in the land of $1 doublers, then free. :D

At safeway yesterday I found $1/1 French Meadow Gluten Free Bakery Coupon. Expiration 12/31/11 The single serve brownies and single muffins are $1.69. They were right on the door of the specialty frozen cake freezer.I tried the brownie and it was YUMMY. Cheap for doubles and free for doublers.

Dreamfield pastas are on sale for $2. There are $.55/1 mft coupons from 1/16/11 SS. Cheap pasta.

Ritz Cracker on sale for $2. after $.75/1 football q, it's $.50

Hefty Cups, Plates are $2 each after $1/1 football q, it's $1 for doubles and free for land of doublers.

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