Friday, February 4, 2011

Groupon - $10 for $20 giftcode to Barnes and Noble

Groupon sign on's are a little messed up right now (not sure if it's related to the B&N deal). But you can always sign on over on the Merchant side of groupon (same username and password). Then you can re-navigate to the B&N groupon deal. This deal will last a few days in some markets.

So this is what you will have to do...
If you have a groupon account already, then sign on here first. If you don't have a groupon, register here so you have an active account.

After login/registering, click here to see where the B&N groupon is at. You can buy one groupon from each of those links. So essentially you can get a lot with one account (unlike limited area deals, which is a limit of 1).

The fine print states that you can only use one B&N groupon in a transaction but SD has reported that you can use 3 groupons in one transaction.

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